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As a little girl, I always loved playing in makeup; applying it to anyone who would sit still long enough for me to make them up. As the daughter of florists, I find inspiration from nature; especially flowers. Bringing out the natural beauty of my clients is what I do best.


How did I take my passion to the next level, you ask?


As a full time academic advisor, I have spent years helping to guide students towards their dream careers. One day the light went off in my head; I love helping people, but I love makeup as well. So after years of offering advice on how to live out your dreams, I finally listened to my own advice. With the help and encouragement of my mentor and friend Theresa Little, I applied to MAC and I have been with them part time for over 5 years now; the rest is history!  By the way, if you are in the Nashville/Murfreesboro/Franklin TN area and you want to have your face "BEAT" check out Theresa's site!


What keeps me motivated, you ask?


I love to see someone’s face light up when they see themselves after a makeover. The right lip color can make someone do a little “shimmy” in the mirror; that’s how you know it’s just righ;-) !


Now it’s about you!


I would love to help enhance your look for your special occasion; be it a wedding, prom, reunion, or a special night out on the town. Turn my passion into an exceptional transformative experience for you today and call me. And get ready to greet the new beautiful you that resides on the inside! Get your “shimmy” on! ;-)

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